Stockroom exhibition

May – July 2022

Alongside our usual exhibition program, we present a series of Stockroom Exhibitions. Featuring a range of artists working in various media, they can be visited online or physically in the Stockroom Gallery.

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Alan Todd

Alan Todd attended art school in 60s London at a time of immense, unfathomable social and artistic change and as a lifelong artist. He has worked as a painter and sculptor, an artistic director for contemporary dance, as a filmmaker and as an author of fiction and numerous articles on art. Alan has pursued similar themes of time, civilisation and the structures of life in all of the mediums with which he works. Time is particularly prevalent and although as a concept it exists only in terms of measurable events, he is acutely conscious of its ebb and flow.

Cheryl Dundas

An artist and educator, Cheryl Dundas draws upon observations of nature, making connections with reality and imagined places and forms.  Her sculptural works utilise textiles, ceramics, and assemblage. Referencing natural and human forms, her recent work has focused on the artist’s place in the environment.

Cheryl prioritises the process over endpoints, finding endless inspiration and possibilities for visual iterations in various media. ‘Learning’, she says, is ‘paramount’.

In her works, Cheryl considers the issue of museums and looted artefacts, examining ethnographic bias in collections of artefacts, flora, and fauna and their exhibition as ‘curiosities’. 

Irene Messia

Irene completed her art training in her birth country of Italy in 2014. Immediately after graduation, Irene decided to spend her time travelling, including Australia, where she lived for two years and had her first solo exhibition.  She then moved to London where she was involved in the creation of various wall commissions and also worked as a studio and painter assistant. Returning to Australia in 2019, Irene has participated in several exhibitions.

These three works are preparatory studies for her new series of works about eudaimonia: a philosophy predating Aristotle, which holds that individuals have a responsibility to recognize and live in accordance with their daimon, or true self, and that being heretic is the only way to free oneself from social and personal preconceptions.

Joanne Mildenhall

Joanne Mildenhall is a contemporary printmaker based in Adelaide, South Australia, and one who is an active part of the local printmaking community.

Whilst her work is very organic, it is also deeply rooted in a connection with nature, and memory; and encourages the exploration of multiple techniques and processes.  She is passionate about promoting and encouraging art and creativity through sharing her skills and offering workshops.

Joanne says ‘art and creativity are more an expression than skill so it doesn’t matter if you believe you can’t draw a straight line, it has a way of encouraging you to forge a connection between your mind and your body. I truly believe that the experience of expressing oneself through creative activity, focusing and enjoying the process and not on the end product, can assist in the promotion of physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.’

Kylie Nichols

Kylie Nichols is a Sculptor and Installation artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Known for her organic forms and use of multiples, Nichols art practice explores human relationships with the natural world, often drawing parallels with everyday objects. The material process is essential to her art practice with a fascination with the dichotomy of liquid to solid states; casting and mould making are often employed.

Nichols has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design and was a recipient of a residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China (Helpmann Academy) in 2019. Her work is held in numerous private collections.

Linda Lee

Linda Lee is a visual artist currently working from Praxis Art Studios. She has a Bachelor degree In Secondary Art and Design Teaching and a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design.

Linda’s paintings reflect her interest in visual aesthetics as well as evocative subject matter. She is inspired by exotica found in crafted pieces or sourced elements of nature. Her art practice is essentially guided by the design principles of composition, balance, contrast, emphasis and unity – employing both graphic and decorative elements. Her work is underpinned by strong colour theory considerations, which are employed to invoke an emotional response.

Ozlem Yeni

Ozlem is an international visual artist with a PhD in stage design who enjoyed eighteen years as a lecturer in the performing art department before moving to Australia in 2016.  With more than 20 years of varied professional experience in the art world, Ozlem launched The Main Gallery with the express purpose of furthering her love of art and her passion for both promoting and collaborating with a diverse art community both locally and internationally. She has had many solo and group exhibitions in Turkey, Japan, Albania and Australia, and her paintings and clay works can be found in private collections in many countries.

Speaking about her works, Ozlem says, ‘To create a new life or new destiny, we need to get beyond who we think we are and the way we have been conditioned to believe the world works.’

Rosemary Warmington

Rosemary Warmington paints from her beautiful Adelaide garden studio. Her contemporary paintings are drenched in colour, influenced by the natural world.  Her most recent significant solo exhibition, Colour Echoes, was at BMG ART in February 2021. With tertiary qualifications in social work and business, Rosemary was a CEO of a not-for-profit organisation for many years, retiring in 2017 to paint more. In 2012 Rosemary was made a Member of the Order of Australia.

Sarah Northcott

Sarah Northcott’s postcard size paintings record the visual details of her local surroundings. The act of recording these observations offers a reminder to be ‘present’; connected to place, and invites an exercise in mindful looking.  The project of making postcard size paintings began in 2020, during the pandemic and following the birth of Sarah’s second child. Most of the works were made with her baby son in a sling. The small scale of these works and being able to create the content while taking regular strolls around the neighbourhood, a common activity for all new parents, offered the artist a way to carry on a creative project whilst caring for young children.

Sarah has worked as a researcher, lecturer and curator, and in arts administration. Recently her research in the field of art and health has focused on how spaces in the community for arts can promote wellbeing through ‘connectedness’.

Sheila Whittam

Sheila Whittam has always kept up formal art studies, gaining a BA in visual arts in 2009 at Adelaide Central School of Art. Most recently, she studied contemporary art / three credits / University of Montana USA in 2020.

Her career includes 20 Solo exhibitions in South Australia, Victoria and Ghana in West Africa and awards including a studio grant from ARTs SA / Central Studios Adelaide. In addition, Sheila has enjoyed two residency placements with a solo exhibition to follow,  a long art career as a theatre set designer, a gallerist at John Dunn Gallery at Bridgewater, always learning and experimenting. Highlights were studying under John Olsen in 1985 and also recently mentorship with Chris Orchard, 2020.

Stephen Cornwell

Stephen has been passionate about art all his life. He graduated with two degrees, one in Education as an Art Teacher and the other in Applied Design. After teaching for several years, Stephen relocated to Adelaide and lectured at Tafe SA, teaching Design Principles and Applied Design software fundamentals. He started an Ad agency as co-director in 1999, where he has focused entirely on his artwork in the past three years.

He had his first Solo Exhibition incorporating one hundred pieces of work and was also a Finalist in the 66th Blake prize this year. Recently, Stephen licensed a loop of animated versions of his artwork to UTV in Melbourne for screening at outdoor events around Australia.

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