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01 // 31 August

The Main Gallery


Gallery A

AMALGAM by Stephen Cornwell, Judith Rolevink

Gallery B // Audio Visual Room

EVIL EYE by Wilson Adams


Phenomenon by alan todd

A phenomenon is an event, and as such, our lives consist of moments, however small, that become phenomena through recording and interpretation. The painting, as with the film frame, can realise such moments, however inadequately, as image and text where neither tells the whole story while coexisting in the same space at the same time.  This exhibition is the result of several years of investigation into the possible relationships between image and text.

5 // 17 JULY 2021

Introspective Connections // Group Exhibition

2020…chaos, uncertainty and change have reigned supreme with our mantra becoming “expect the unexpected”. This global phenomenon has resulted in many surreal, astonishing and unforeseen situations that while many people experienced in parallel, each of us have responded our own unique perceptions, interpretations and perspectives. 

We have all shared this experience that is so physically separate, shrinking our worlds to the point where our homes have become either our sanctuaries or our prisons. Affection and connection have become virtual, disjointed but also innovative and ever evolving.

Witnessing global structures collapse to protect our health has highlighted our human fragility…But from the stillness in that moment where the world paused in isolation, arose an opportunity for rebirth, recalibration and a realignment of what is truly important.

Introspective Connection reflects on each artist’s individual experience within the stillness of isolation in comparison to life before and after. 

In doing so it creates an opportunity for an innovative collaboration between a diverse group of artists to re-establish and celebrate artistic connections that were thriving in a pre-pandemic world.


An artistic collaboration occurs when two parties decide to work together to create something which is facilitated by an exchange of value.

Elizabeth and Linda have been studio partners for several years, formerly at Yellow Door Studio and currently at Praxis Art Studios. In 2020 a grant awarded by Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability Grants enabled them to embark on the creation of a body of collaborative work.

Essentially this prosses was an ongoing visual dialogue between the two artists, an exchange of ideas, conversations and experimentations. A variety of subject matters and motifs are woven through the works, they reflect on contracts of beauty and perceptions of identity from a female perspective. They strove to produce works that depicted their different painting styles synthetising to create unique pieces which are unified by the selected colour palettes.

31 MAY // 12 JUNE 2021

Made in australia by ozlem yeni

Zonta Club Adelaide Torrens Fundraising Exhibition by Ozlem YENI.

23 APRIL // 22 MAY 2021

My Morning Jackets by Nurdan aliyazicioglu

‘My Morning Jackets’ is a series of autobiographical wearable artworks. Each of the six jackets represents a particular era ruled by a specific emotion/motion, whereby they became a second skin that functioned to withstand the real-life experiences of vulnerability and introversion. Each jacket is both a trace back to its original atmosphere of feeling and the objectivity that results from travelling through distances of time.

They are made from used, upcycled and found materials.

These are the ‘everyday jackets’ we all wear, comforting blankets that reflect how we repeatedly gather, shed, create and re-create our own lives.

22 March – 17 April 2021

BRAVE NEW WORLD // International Group Exhibition-Adelaide fringe 2021

Alan TODD, Elizabeth WOJCIAK, Fırat NEZIROGLU, Georgina MILLS, Hayal INCEDOGAN, Linda LEE, Nevin GUVEN, Olcay ATASEVEN, Ozlem YENI, Steven CYBULKA.


The Main Gallery is delighted to present Barbara KRAJEWSKA, her favourite subjects, portraits, nudes and landscapes with her initial technique, watercolour, and recent works with oil on canvas. 

5-30 JANUARY 2021

seven-in-one // Group Exhibition
Alan TODD, Amber CRONIN, Gerry MCMAHON, Meliesa JUDGE, Ozlem YENI, Tom BORGAS and William KUIPER

16th November // 30th November 2020


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