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Ozlem Yeni


2 – 23 September 2023



Chris Beasley


4 – 25 November 2023


stockroom exhibition

Until 24  November

Alex Hirst

Anastasia Benveniste

Ante Orlovich

Charmaine Osborne

John Neylon

Ozlem Yeni

Patrizia Furlan

Queer Lives: Icons, comrades and intimates

Proudly part of the Feast Festival, Adelaide’s Premier LGBTQ Arts and Cultural Festival, “QUEER LIVES: ICONS, COMRADES, AND INTIMATES” is a celebration of local heroes, ranging from well-known public figures and celebrities to the vibrant characters that make up the rich tapestry of Adelaide. Through Chris Beasley’s masterful artistry, this exhibition creates a visual record of the diverse and dynamic lives of the Queer community in South Australia.

who we are? where will be? under construction

The artist embarks on a deeply personal journey to explore the intricate interplay between memory, migration, and the concept of home. Drawing from her own experiences of moving from Turkiye to Australia, she delves into the complexities of cultural adaptation, the yearning for her motherland, and the creation of new memories in a foreign country.


‘Home’ – that dear, ideal place or state of being we all long for at any given point in time…

What, where, when, why, and even who, is ‘home’?

Three artists have explored this in their artworks, which encompass past, present, and future: memories, qualities, dreams, and hope. Their diverse expressions are deeply personal yet hold significance for all.


The artists use painting, shaping, and assemblage to explore the ideas of memory, imagination, and fantasy.

Silencing the Chaos

This new series of work has taken me in a direction which opened my perception brought about by the laying down of the material itself.

New directions were concurrent with world events that startled us by its intensity. I engaged with the effects of turmoil by allowing impulsive unruly play in my work.  Disorder tends towards order – this influenced me as I engaged in the basic elements of abstraction towards resolutions.   Surfaces undone, reworked, and remade, (un) intentional irregularities evolved – fundamental to my compositional aesthetics. 

This process took me finally into ordered silence of elementary beauty.


(f)light: Flight & First Light is the result of three years of early morning visits to St Kilda, Adelaide’s International Bird Sanctuary. I am not usually a ‘bird photographer’. I was initially drawn to this shoreline by its variations of light and colour at dawn. The location was my sanctuary during the COVID crisis, yet I only became aware of its bird status after several months—to the disbelief of many bird lovers.

The intent of (f)light is to share those moments of serenity and whimsy that I experienced.

This collection represents ‘how’ I saw the scene, not just ‘what’ I saw. Therefore, each image is both an emotional and visual offering.

Beauties and Beasts

We all faced different beasts and beauties during the pandemic. This exhibition aims to explore the idea of beauty and beast, presenting the perseverance of good and the power lying behind external appearances, reinforcing the potential within kindness to stimulate change.

* Homage to the fable of “Beauty and the Beast” by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont first appeared over 250 years ago.

day follows night

“A relatively self-taught printmaker, I have rarely exhibited my graphic work. I have long been drawn to the etched image where the making of prints has remained a quiet, contemplative practice. I have always considered these works as extensions of my paintings rather than being independent of them. Their subjects and scale suggest intimate snippets of my immediate suburban world, based on chance observations, recollections and memories”.

Peter Serwan, 2022

Paintings for a new future

Oil painting has been my passion for over 30 years. Colours come together to form language and shape from a lucid, kaleidoscopic inner world. I am fascinated by the endless revolving rhythms found in the natural world.

I am drawn to relationships between colours and people, nature, and space. Colours and shapes are a universal unspoken language that can be interpreted on an energetic level. It is here in the studio absorbed in the paint and music; I merge with a parallel world. I find an evolution, a shift which directly affects the tapestry of relationships around me.

My painting process is slow and meditative, mixing oil colours methodically for many hours. Most colours are a complex mix of over 20 oils to produce a single unique colour. It is then applied to the canvas flatly with a brush. The thicker paint, after mixing is applied meticulously with a long bristle brush. The works take months and the painting over time becomes a meditation for the soul.

Nature and Consciousness

Deborah Sleeman
Fran Callen
John Foubister
Lee Salomone
Maarten Daudeij
Sonali Patel
Sue Michael
Susan Bruce


Artists ponder panpsychism and the ‘nature’ of consciousness in trees and plants, fungi, bacteria, molecules, and viruses. What is it like to be a rock? How do plants communicate, learn, and remember?  When we consider the natural world as having a mind and a conscious experience of pleasure, pain, and visual and auditory phenomena, our thoughts on how we treat and connect with the natural environment are refocused.

Healing the memory

Anna Austin, Dorota Pomagalska, Faith Porter, Georgina England, Kristin Stone, Kylie Musgrave, Kristy Bennets, Lisa Ingerson, Maria Cmielewski, Margaret Ambridge, Michael Shrapnel, Nicholas Elliott, Ramona Chryssidis, Sharifah Sorayya Mahmood Martin Jamalullail, Sue Belperio, Susan O’Brien, Swee Wah Yew, Vartu Ertonga, Vivian Hall.

Healing the memory is the goal of creating a new and positive memory of what has been a difficult time in the last two years of the pandemic. The exhibition highlights the importance of work-life balance by using art as a way of refocusing and healing.

Night and day


Ever since my art-school years and consequent eight-year hitchhiking adventure around the world, in search of an extended ceramic education, I have been working in my studio in Daylesford, with the simple goal of making beautiful objects by hand. These are my ceramic bowls.

Residuum: ink, blood and memories


What is left behind when everything is removed –

What or who holds and binds us together –

Relationships, memories, words, experiences, promises, forgiveness, Grace?

What is written in ink and blood that entangles or frees us?

These paintings, monotypes, drawings, and collages are distilled from reflections, emotions, and memories.

Hopefully, they speak to that elusive area of the heart and mind.

There is beauty out of ashes.



It is in our nature to create stories from the input of sensory information available to us. Some narratives are written down, some are carried by word of mouth and some exist only as ideas. This series of paintings is both myth and memory. My recollections of a river are clouded, faulty and selective with suggestions of wood, water and an existence long faded into history. The myth I am creating here is ephemeral in that the river and its history undergoes continual metamorphosis leaving only faint and increasingly indecipherable traces.



Chris is in attending to what is usually understood as a duality—that is, realism versus abstraction. Instead, she wants to show a spectrum. This spectrum of perspectives could be viewed from realism to abstraction or the other way around or by following personal preferences.



BEYOND connects artists from South Australia, Queensland, and China, working in various media, and asks audiences to look beyond geographical and other barriers.

Colour notes from the heart


This body of work started when Australia was burning and has been making its way
through the upheaval and uncertainty of the pandemic. It traces gratitude for
regeneration, home, family and beauty.
Each work began with an iPad finger drawing or painting made from life. Many were made whilst hurtling along the highway in a car. The iPad drawings are like taking notes and the finger marks embody the time spent immersed in that drawing, searching for colour or form. Some images remain in their original state, others are re-explored as paintings. In many of the paintings, the subject has become the finger marks themselves. In others, quick line drawings about a loved one are filled with colour from memory and imagination.

Creativity and Curiosity // visual arts educators of south australia (VAESA) Group exhibition

All artists featured in the exhibition are members of VAESA which is the professional association of Visual Arts Educators of SA, committed to the growth of the Visual Arts through scholarly education and promotion of best practise in Art education.

An Ode To the orchard // one landscape. five artists


This exhibition was conceived through discussion by five landscape painters in their informal underground art group The Friday Fridas, with the intention of expanding their skills and pushing the limits in their own practice.

Inspired by the picturesque orchards, rolling hills and valleys of Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills – and with a nod to the historical landscape painting tradition a la Heidelberg school – each artist produced a body of work from the same location, some resolving their work in the studio, others completing work on site.

With five professional studios, the group’s ideas sometimes pollinate each other yet remain individual, bringing unique perspectives to local histories and storytelling.

A Fresh Breeze // international Group Exhibition


Each artist creates a contemporary feel to the traditional Anatolian art techniques by utilising materials more associated with western approaches. Therefore, it is important not only to preserve these techniques but to give them a contemporary context for a modern world.

Bridge // Group Exhibition


We aim to bring together artists in all disciplines from greater Asia with an annual group exhibition. It is the intention of BRIDGE to establish new bonds between disparate cultures and to explore the fusion of interdisciplinary approaches. We believe that art is not about differences but what we can learn from each other.

Are you home tonight? // Group Exhibition

Mirjana Dobson, Joe Felber, Yasmin Grass, Georgina Mills, Margie Sheppard, Rosemary Warmington, Sheila Whittam

After a year or more of the pandemic restricting our ability to gather together, this exhibition is a celebration of our collective need to communicate and carries with it hope for the future.

another day, another lonely night by tom phillips


The exhibition focuses on the fear of loneliness, isolation, and human struggles. In this series of paintings entitled ‘Another day, another lonely night’, I examine the culture and identity of living within urban society, focusing on fear of loneliness and isolation. I want to express vulnerability, anxiety, and our fragile existence in this modern world. I see my figures as outsiders, aliens or people forgotten by our society, which struggle to exist in this municipal environment. I try to catch my raw feelings about these issues, and my paintings have always been about human struggles and the urban experience.

Tom Phillips is a finalist in the Don Dunstan Foundation Award.

01 // 31 AUGUST 2021

Amalgam by judith rolevink, stephen cornwell


A quirky and surreal exploration into figurative sculpture and contemporary digital art. Both artists are looking for an alternative perspective, exploring the limits of our imagination.

01 // 31 AUGUST 2021

evil eye by wilson adams


The evil eye is the negative energy used to inflict harm upon others and an emblem to protect against bad vibrations. ‘Evil Eye’ explores many dichotomies, such as the gloom of the pandemic, the rape of the natural environment and the queer experience. Connecting these ideas together is this feeling of a continual curse and the absence of change and hope. It references Picasso’s Blue Period, Tom of Finland, Ophelia, Narcissus, Venus and the Virgin Mary. ‘Evil Eye’ is a fashion film experience through the process of deconstruction and reformation.

01 // 31 AUGUST 2021

Phenomenon by alan todd

A phenomenon is an event, and as such, our lives consist of moments, however small, that become phenomena through recording and interpretation. The painting, as with the film frame, can realise such moments, however inadequately, as image and text where neither tells the whole story while coexisting in the same space at the same time.  This exhibition is the result of several years of investigation into the possible relationships between image and text.

5 // 17 JULY 2021

Introspective Connections // Group Exhibition

2020…chaos, uncertainty and change have reigned supreme with our mantra becoming “expect the unexpected”. This global phenomenon has resulted in many surreal, astonishing and unforeseen situations that while many people experienced in parallel, each of us have responded our own unique perceptions, interpretations and perspectives. 

We have all shared this experience that is so physically separate, shrinking our worlds to the point where our homes have become either our sanctuaries or our prisons. Affection and connection have become virtual, disjointed but also innovative and ever evolving.

Witnessing global structures collapse to protect our health has highlighted our human fragility…But from the stillness in that moment where the world paused in isolation, arose an opportunity for rebirth, recalibration and a realignment of what is truly important.

Introspective Connection reflects on each artist’s individual experience within the stillness of isolation in comparison to life before and after. 

In doing so it creates an opportunity for an innovative collaboration between a diverse group of artists to re-establish and celebrate artistic connections that were thriving in a pre-pandemic world.


An artistic collaboration occurs when two parties decide to work together to create something which is facilitated by an exchange of value.

Elizabeth and Linda have been studio partners for several years, formerly at Yellow Door Studio and currently at Praxis Art Studios. In 2020 a grant awarded by Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability Grants enabled them to embark on the creation of a body of collaborative work.

Essentially this prosses was an ongoing visual dialogue between the two artists, an exchange of ideas, conversations and experimentations. A variety of subject matters and motifs are woven through the works, they reflect on contracts of beauty and perceptions of identity from a female perspective. They strove to produce works that depicted their different painting styles synthetising to create unique pieces which are unified by the selected colour palettes.

31 MAY // 12 JUNE 2021

Made in australia by ozlem yeni

Zonta Club Adelaide Torrens Fundraising Exhibition by Ozlem YENI.

23 APRIL // 22 MAY 2021

My Morning Jackets by Nurdan aliyazicioglu

‘My Morning Jackets’ is a series of autobiographical wearable artworks. Each of the six jackets represents a particular era ruled by a specific emotion/motion, whereby they became a second skin that functioned to withstand the real-life experiences of vulnerability and introversion. Each jacket is both a trace back to its original atmosphere of feeling and the objectivity that results from travelling through distances of time.

They are made from used, upcycled and found materials.

These are the ‘everyday jackets’ we all wear, comforting blankets that reflect how we repeatedly gather, shed, create and re-create our own lives.

22 March – 17 April 2021

BRAVE NEW WORLD // International Group Exhibition-Adelaide fringe 2021

Alan TODD, Elizabeth WOJCIAK, Fırat NEZIROGLU, Georgina MILLS, Hayal INCEDOGAN, Linda LEE, Nevin GUVEN, Olcay ATASEVEN, Ozlem YENI, Steven CYBULKA.


The Main Gallery is delighted to present Barbara KRAJEWSKA, her favourite subjects, portraits, nudes and landscapes with her initial technique, watercolour, and recent works with oil on canvas. 

5-30 JANUARY 2021

seven-in-one // Group Exhibition
Alan TODD, Amber CRONIN, Gerry MCMAHON, Meliesa JUDGE, Ozlem YENI, Tom BORGAS and William KUIPER

16th November // 30th November 2020


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